Expenses Manager Expenses Manager

The Expenses Manager makes it easy to analyze home expenses and find savings in home budget. The program has ability to create your own set of product categories arranged in a tree structure and perform detailed analysis of a specified branch of products from a specified time range. All findings are presented in a very clear visual fashion inside either a pie or a bar chart. In addition to this you can generate detailed report of expenses from a specified period of time. By using the Expenses Manager you can be certain your home budget will never slip out of your control.


  • Intuitive GUI
  • Hierarchical categories with pictures
  • Tracking bank accounts, incomes and expenses by person
  • Detailed statistics: categories, transactions, incomes, accounts, product price, periods
  • Reports
  • Useful summary view
  • Recurrent transactions

Advanced features

  • Windows Mobile client application - you can note expenses in your palmtop wherever you are and transfer them later to the expenses manager application on your PC.
  • Completely free